Welcome to Health Care Ethics

Welcome to Saint Joseph’s University’s M. A. in Health Care Ethics, a program designed to prepare individuals for the complex and growing field of biomedical ethics. The program encourages learning and thinking from an interdisciplinary perspective and to foster a critical analysis of bioethical topics through the interplay between moral theory and medical practice. Health care professionals are confronted with numerous complex ethical dilemmas they may not be prepared to handle. Therefore, it is imperative those in the field be trained to understand the principles of ethics and how it can be utilized in decision-making. Many faculty members serve as ethics consultants to several hospitals within the Philadelphia area, making our program one of the few in the country that combine theoretical and clinical elements with an emphasis on the clinical dimension.

We invite you to learn more about our Graduate Studies Open Houses or contact the program director, maita@sju.edu at 610-660-3427. You can also view the latest Health Care Ethics Webinar right here, for more information about the program as well as details on the admissions process.