Program Overview

The program provides a solid foundation in the theoretical aspect of health care ethics and at the same time offers various opportunities to apply such theories in the clinical setting. The dynamic interplay between the theoretical and the practical aspects is the very strength of this program.

The graduate curriculum is a flexible 36-credit program designed to allow students to create a customized graduate study plan compatible with their needs and career objectives in the health care field and for successful completion over two academic years. The curriculum is composed of four major components: a fifteen-credit common core required of all students; a six-credit required general ethics core; twelve-credits of elective courses in Health Care Ethics; and a three-credit integrative capstone course. The end-goal of the integrative capstone experience is a research paper of a quality publishable in a peer-reviewed journal. And for those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in bioethics, this program will prepare them well to enter into a doctoral program at another institution.


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