Health Administration Program

Certificate Program in Health Administration

Post-Master's Certificate in Health Administration

Program Description

Students who have already earned a Master's degree in a field other than Health Administration but who wish to continue their studies in Health Administration will receive a Post-Master's Certificate upon completion of the curriculum described below (18 credits, 6 courses). Advisors can adapt program to student needs.

Core Courses (3 required)

        HAD    552                Health Administration

        HAD    553                Health Care Organization

        HAD    551                Managed Health Care

Administrative Courses (3 required)

        HAD    557                Health Care Strategic Planning and Marketing

        HAD    554                Health Care Law

        HAD    560                Health Care Informatics

        HAD    555                Accounting for Health Care Organizations

        HAD    556                Financial Management of Health Care Organizations

        HAD    558                Hospital Administration

        HED    552                Epidemiology and Community Health

        HAD    559                Health Policy


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Health Administration Post Master's Certificate