"The courses that I undertook as a student in the Gerontology program were extremely helpful because the subject matter related directly to what I was doing in my job. I gained a new appreciation for research and I enjoyed networking with and mentoring others in my profession.

When I started the program, I was assistant director of my organization; I am now executive director. I believe that along with experience and hard work, my degree from Saint Joseph's heightened my credibility in gaining the position and the respect of others in my field."

Diane Menio
Executive Director
Center for Advocacy for the Rights
and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE)

"When I decided to change career path, I researched graduate schools across the country. Saint Joseph's led the list by offering a comprehensive curriculum in the rapidly emerging field of gerontology. The master's program proved top-notch, with quality instructors and a required internship that provided me with invaluable hands-on experience and networking opportunities. This internship with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging ultimately led to a position in the department as an executive policy specialist. Saint Joseph's University truly opened the door for me to successfully pursue a career in the field of aging."

Jeanne Cook

"I chose Saint Joseph's because it offered a program concentrating solely on gerontology, rather than on general social work. Upon reflection, I cannot think of a single course that did not have a direct bearing on my work. Through the program, I formed relationships with others who are as passionate about working with the elderly as I am, and I gained a confidence that has helped me to grow in my profession. Many residents and families have expressed satisfaction in knowing that I have this master's degree.
When they say, 'I trust your advice; you're the expert,' I feel proud."

Marian Beems