Environmental Protection and Safety Management

Program Overview

The Master’s in Environmental Protection and Safety Management is a comprehensive graduate level degree aimed at protecting lives, property, and the physical environment in our developed, technologically, and sophisticated world. The eleven course program aims directly at developing the managerial skills necessary to deal with the growing scope, range and complexity of threats in the workplace, community, and world.

In the public sector, several government agencies are involved at the federal, state, county, and local level in environmental protection, occupational safety, and health related services. Elected officials often have staff positions that specialize in these areas of expertise.

In the private and non-profit sector, positions for environmental compliance officers, health and safety officers, safety engineers, industrial hygienists, safety specialists, and environmental consultants exist in virtually every industry. The Environmental Protection and Safety Management Program would be of value to people in the following:

Chemical Manufacturing
Hospital/Healthcare Facilities
Colleges and Universities
Parks and Environmental Refuges
Utility companies
Hotels, Casinos and Restaurants
Insurance Environmental Law
Occupational Safety and Health
Construction, Real Estate Development and Property Management
Risk Management
Disaster Planning and Management
Industrial Hygiene
Environmental Waste

Most large corporations will have positions or entire units that manage the broad range of issues and regulations involving environmental and occupational health and safety.