Welcome to Saint Joseph's University. On behalf of the Education faculty, staff and students, I invite you to join our community of educational scholars and practitioners.

The Departments of Teacher Education, Special Education, and Educational Leadership offer a range of exciting programs for those who seek undergraduate or graduate degrees in Education. It is the goal of the faculty at Saint Joseph's University to prepare exemplary teachers and educational leaders to be researchers, reflective practitioners, student advocates, and activists for change. We care deeply about our students and are committed to enhancing their professional growth and exceptional service.

We believe the educational experience at Saint Joseph's sets our students apart. Beyond high quality academic and professional achievements and through individual mentoring and  personalized attention, our goal is to develop individuals who aspire to be teacher leaders-individuals who have a moral sense and who strive to share their talents through service to the community.

Please explore the educational opportunities offered by these Departments whether you are returning for graduate coursework and advanced degrees or pursuing an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.

John Vacca, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Education