Educational Leadership: George May, M.S. Ed

“My experience at Saint Joseph’s University has been incredibly gratifying both personally and professionally. In my studies I was confronted by some of today’s most difficult and challenging questions at a level that went beyond just “pure academia”. My “whole-person” was positively influenced and affected. My commitment to life-long learning and experience at Saint Joseph’s has reinforced my belief that as educators we must make the society in which we live better— better than the one we were born into.”

Special Education: Andrea LaPira, M.S. Ed.

“Saint Joseph’s program in special education equips teachers with effective tools to help students maximize their potential, the problem solving skills to face the complexities of teaching students with special needs, and empathy to embrace the unique differences that makes each child so special. As a high school administrator, I am well prepared and am a strong resource and advocate for teachers, parents and students with special needs. I attribute my high level of preparation to rigorous coursework, strong professional collaboration, excellent field experience, and outstanding instruction.”

Reading Specialist:  Kate Warren, M.S. Ed

 “The graduate Reading Specialist program has given me the opportunity to investigate current literacy research, while exploring innovative reading strategies. This comprehensive program offers in-depth course work based on sound reading principles and methodology, culminating with an extensive and valuable Summer Reading Practicum. I am confident that I have been well served by this program and that this exceptional experience will support my future professional endeavors.”

ESL: Erika Yepremian, M.S.Ed

While in the ESL program, I have learned so much regarding the theory behind teaching ESL students. I have acquired not only language and cultural training, but have also learned how important it is to be aware of the backgrounds of various populations serviced through ESL programs. Through the sensitivity of the teachers I have had, I have learned how important student advocacy truly is. This program has instilled in me a sense of renewed confidence and enthusiasm for my profession. I now know what my true purpose is.”