Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process and Requirements

When can I apply for the program?
Admission to all programs is done on a rolling admission basis. Students who are not fully accepted into the master’s or post-baccalaureate programs may register for courses on a non-matriculated basis during their first semester of coursework; however, they must meet with their program advisor prior to such registration.

What do I need to apply for the program?

  • Saint Joseph’s University graduate application
  • Official transcript(s) of undergraduate/graduate education
  • 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) in undergraduate work
  • Personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • $35 non-refundable fee
  • The Reading Specialist, Special Education, and Educational Leadership (Principal Certification, Curriculum Supervisor, and Supervisor of Special Education) programs require submission of a copy of instructional level I or II certification. This certificate may be emailed to or fax: 610-660-3230.

Do I need to take the GRE or MAT?
Students are not required to take any qualifying exams to be accepted in the program. While in the program, however, students seeking Instructional Certification will need to take the Praxis Tests as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Can I take classes on a non-matriculated basis?
Yes. Students may be able to register on a non-matriculated basis for their first two classes. Typically this possibility is granted to those students who have submitted their application for the program and official transcripts, but are waiting to complete rest of the application requirements.

Course Information

How long does it take to complete the program?
The duration of the program typically takes one and half years depending on the number of classes a student enrolls during the term. Students have the option of enrolling full time (9 credits a semester and up to 4 summer courses) or part time (2 courses a semester and up to 4 classes in summer).
Students seeking Instructional Certification must take into account the semester long Student Teaching, a mandatory component of the program equivalent to 2 courses (6 credits).

When are classes taught?
Classes are held once a week in the evening during Spring and Fall terms. A majority of these classes run from 5.30 pm– 8.10 pm, while others are scheduled later in the evening. During the two summer sessions (Academic Calendar) classes meet twice a week from 6.30 pm– 9.30 pm. These classes meet either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday so students can take up to two classes in each summer session.

How many credits can be transferred?
Students can transfer up to two courses from another institution when the following requirements are met: 1) there are 3 credit courses offered by an accredited institution of higher education, 2) there are equivalent to a 15 week semester graduate course, 3) students have received at least a B in the course, and 4) the courses are approved by the graduate director or the graduate advisor. Students are required to meet with the graduate advisor or graduate director early in the program to discuss the possibility of transferring courses from another institution.

How much does the program cost?
Information about updated rates for the program is available here.

Financial Aid

What types of financial aid are available?
Students admitted into the program can apply for one or more of the following financial options:

STUDENT LOANS: With a minimum of six credits per semester, graduate students may qualify for financial aid. To learn more visit

GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP: The Graduate Education Program offers limited Graduate Assistantships. Information about opportunities is available at the beginning of the spring semester. 

Praxis Exams

When do I have to take the Praxis?
Students seeking Instructional I Certification are required to take Praxis I (Reading, Writing and Math) within their first two semesters at St. Joseph’s University. The rest of the Praxis requirement for each certification has to be completed by the time the student applies for the certification.

Other Pertinent Questions

Can I get the masters degree and certification at the same time?
Yes. All our programs are designed to allow students to complete their certification as part of an M.S. in Education. Students will have completed their masters program when they have 12 graduate education courses (please note that student teaching counts as 2 graduate courses). To make sure that the courses completed for the M.S. in Education also satisfy the specific requirements for the targeted area of certification, students are encouraged to meet with the Graduate Advisor as soon as they are admitted into the program (for information on how to contact the Graduate Advisor, please see the above question on “Where can I seed advising for the program”?