Certification Requirements & Course Descriptions

To attain certification in Special Education students are required to:
HAVE a valid level I Pennsylvania certification, in Early Childhood, Elementary or Secondary Education.

COMPLETE Praxis II examinations
Education of Exceptional Students: Core (to be completed by the end of the program).

EXIT the program with a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)
To know more about how to apply for the PA certification, please click here.

Clearance Forms  

The class SPE Graduate Special Education Lab and Seminar requires students to spend some hours a week in an extracurricular program for students with special needs. To comply with the Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements for field experiences, students taking this class should have the following clearance forms:

  • A police clearance
  • A child abuse clearance
  • FBI Criminal History Record Check
  • A tuberculin test

Obtaining Special Ed Certification in PA

Graduate students who have completed all of their required courses for special education, can apply for their Pennsylvania Special Education certification, if they have also passed all of their required Praxis exams and maintained a GPA of 3.0.

The certification application (PDE 338G) form and instructions are available from the PA Department of Education.

Applications must be signed by a physician, and accompanied by a money order and an official SJU transcript when submitted to the SJU Education Department in Barbelin Hall 273.

Applicants must also forward Praxis exam scores to the SJU Education Department. The Chair of the Education Department, who serves as the certifying officer, reviews and signs applications and forwards them to the PA Department of Education.

Students can find information on how to: keep their certification current through ACT 48 credits; and obtain additional certifications by consulting the PA Department of Education.