Program Requirements

To attain eligibility for Level I certification in Secondary Education students are required to:

COMPLETE all Praxis examinations
PRAXIS I (PPST Reading, PPST Writing, and PPST Mathematics)
A passing grade in these tests is required for the application to student teach.


  • Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge (for certification in all k-12 areas)
  • Art: Content Knowledge (for certification in Art Education)
  • Biology: Content Knowledge (for certification in Biology)
  • Chemistry: Content Knowledge (for certification in Chemistry)
  • Physics: Content Knowledge (for certification in Physics)
  • General Science: Content Knowledge (for certification in General Science)
  • Citizenship Education: Content Knowledge (for certification in Citizenship Education)
  • French: World Language (for certification in French)
  • German: World Language (for certification in German)
  • Spanish: World Language (for certification in Spanish)
  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
    (for certification in Italian)
  • Latin (for certification in Latin)
  • English Language, Literature, & Composition: Content Knowledge (for certification in English)
  • Mathematics: Content Knowledge (for certification in Mathematics)

TAKE all courses required for eligibility for level I certification
EDU   550 Historical and Contemporary Perspectives in Education
EDU   551 Psychology of Teaching: Developmental Perspectives
SPE   550 Foundations in Special Education
EDU   711 Language & Culture (Required after January 2011)
EDU   653 Literacy and Learning Across the Curriculum
EDU   6xx      Instructional Techniques-Certification Area
EDU   710 English Linguistics (for certification in English and Foreign Languages)
SPE   602 Diagnostic Assessment and Progress Monitoring (Required after January 2011)  

EDU 552 FE Historical and Contemporary Perspectives in Education (1credit)-linked to EDU 550 Historical and Contemporary Perspectives in Education
EDU 553 FE Psychology of Teaching: Developmental Perspectives (1credit)-linked to EDU 551 Psychology of Teaching: Developmental Perspectives
EDU 6xx FE Instructional Techniques - 
Certification Area (1 credit)-linked to EDU 6xx Instructional Techniques -Certification Area 
The Director of Field Experiences will place students in schools. Students already teaching can complete these labs in their own school. The Instructor of the course to which the lab is linked will give assignments for the labs. Students taking the labs in the summer and unable to complete them in a school at that time will be given an "In Progress" grade until they are able to complete the labs in the following Fall Semester.  

COMPLETE Student Teaching
EDU 691 Secondary Student Teaching in Inclusive Environments (6 credits)

EXIT the program with a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)
For more information on certification requirements by the State of Pennsylvania, please chick here
For more information on Praxis tests please go to

Obtaining Level 1 Certification in PA

Graduate students who have completed all of their required courses, can apply for their Instructional I certification with Pennsylvania if they have also passed all of their required Praxis exams and maintained a GPA of 3.0.

The certification application (PDE 338G) form and instructions are available from the PA Department of Education.

Applications must be signed by a physician, and accompanied by a money order and an official SJU transcript when submitted to the SJU Education Department in Barbelin Hall 273.

Applicants must also forward Praxis exam scores to the SJU Education Department. The Chair of the Education Department, who serves as the certifying officer, reviews and signs applications and forwards them to the PA Department of Education.

Instructional I certification is good for six years of teaching. Students can find information on how to: obtain Instruction II certification; keep their certification current through ACT 48 credits; and obtain additional certifications by consulting the PA Department of Education.