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Course Descriptions

EDL 600 Educational Leader as Researcher and Reflective Practicioner - 3 credits
This course will focus on contemporary educational practices. Introduction to qualitative and quanitative approaches from different theoretical perspectives will be presented. Content will include literature reviews and analysis and implications of existing research as connected to students' educational experience. The role of the Catholic educational leader as reflective and spiritual practicioner will be connected to educational research.

EDL 655 Interpersonal Relations - 3 credits
This course presents a study of dynamics of interpersonal, intragroup, and intergroup relations. Emphasis will be placed on the teaching/learning process as well as the counselor/client relationship. A variety of instructional approaches, including lectures, discussions, and group activities will be utilized to develop interpersonal skills, as they apply to the Catholic school leader.

EDL 660 Measurement and Evaluation of Instructional Outcomes - 3 credits
This course provides a detailed examination of the use of a variety of outcome measures and techniques to evaluate school programs and to assess the attainment of instruction/student achievement at several levels of education. Outcome assessment is discussed at the Catholic school, public school and school district level. Particular attention will be paid to sound design of assessment programs, technological advancements in measurement, and appropriate interpretations of educational research.

EDL 665 Administration, Organizational Culture and Planned Change - 3 credits
This course examines organizations as a set of subsystems that are both related to and dependent upon one another. Administration theory and various components of administration are reviewed, including management, decision-making, communications, organizational development, and change processes. The human aspect of organizations is analyzed, particularly individual and group behavior, human relations, intergroup dynamics, personal motivation, and conflict. A case study approach is used to enable students to apply textbook theories to real-life situations. The course is designed especially for Catholic school educators seeking to enhance their understanding of administrative systems as complex human enterprises.

EDL 670 Educational Leadership and Human Resource Development - 3 credits
This course will include a detailed examination of the theoretical underpinnings of supervision and educational leadership within Catholic schools. Topics include leadership styles, supervision as developing human resources, change agency with adult professionals, adult development and learning theory, leadership in the instructional setting, instructional and staff improvement, and intergroup relations in the school environment.

EDL 675 Curriculum Development and Practice in Public and Private Schools - 3 credits
This course is designed to include the theories of curriculum, instruction, and the design of instructional systems. Emphasis will be placed on the translation of theory into practice. The use of evaluative techniques in the evolution and reform of instructional systems will be examined in detail. Focus on curriculum implementation in public, private, and Catholic schools will be emphasized.

EDL 680 Law and American Education - 3 credits
This course will focus upon the legal aspects of the public school and its environment and on the paramount legal-educational problems currently facing the nation, especially as these relate to policy determination and implementation. Particular attention will be given to the issue of contract law in education, due process, collective bargaining, equal protection and establishment, and the legal rights and duties of administrators, faculty and students. Finally, these areas will be discussed as they relate to Catholic schools.

EDL 685 Seminar in Administration of Curriculum and Instruction - 3 credits
This course focuses on the goal-setting, decision-making and policy determation roles of the supervisor or administrator in the system-wide planning and inplementation of curricular design. Emphases will include the organization of the instructional delivery system, its decision-making processes, and the communication techniques that may be most effective within it. Special attention will also be given to managing and developing the teaching-learning process and identifying differing philosophies of teaching within the Catholic school environment.

EDL 690 Managing Finanical and Material Resources - 3 credits
The state of the American educational scene from the point of view of the economist if examined. The changing financial realities facing schools are explored, especially as they relate to the effective and efficient management of the school's fiscal and material resources. The reciprocal influences of the city and the school, with its specific governance structure and locus of control, on one another are addressed. The management principles and managerial problems of the educational sector are studied in the context of changing philosophies of management and the spread of collective bargaining. Budgeting methods and plant maintenance are considered. In addition, financial constructs that are specific to the Catholic school will be presented.

SPE 620 Fundamentals of Special Education Practices for School Leaders - 3 credits
This course is a critical study of the contemporary and controversial issues within the field of special education. Emphasis will be placed on the role of the Catholic school administrator. Consideration will be given to the philosophical, psychological, and sociological basis of teacher education, and ethical practices. Discussions will focus on evidence-based core concepts that contribute to the effective program planning; investigation of cognitive, academic, behavioral, and psycho-social solutions and implications for those working with exceptional students, and future implications for the advancement of special education diagnostic and instructional services.

EDL 695 Advanced Fieldwork/Seminar I - 2 credits

EDL 696 Advanced Fieldwork/Seminar II - 2 credits

EDL 697 Advanced Fieldwork/Seminar III - 2 credits