Concentration in Intelligence and Crime Analysis

This program provides insights into the contemporary functions of law enforcement intelligence and crime analysis. The specialized courses develop the deliberative and cognitive activities and methodologies including crime mapping that produce intelligence information in support of decision-making at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels of law enforcement. Students will be prepared for the growing number of intelligence and criminal analyst positions at the federal, state, and local levels.

Please note the new course listings and their previous names in parenthesis.

Core courses (four required, as specified under Degree Requirements)

Required concentration courses
CRJ 642 Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis (SOC 4545)
CRJ 642 Law Enforcement Intelligence: Policy and Process (SOC 4555)

Specialized area courses (select any two listed below)
CRJ 611 Crime Analysis Using GIS Mapping (SOC 4295)
CRJ 639 Organized Crime: Targets and Strategies (SOC 4405)
CRJ 635 White Collar Crime (SOC 4215)
CRJ 638 Drugs: Threats, Laws, and Strategies (SOC 4385)
CRJ 641 Homeland Security (SOC 4425)
CRJ 640 Terrorism: Threats and Strategies (SOC 4415)
CRJ 644 Electronic Intelligence Analysis (SOC 4595)
CRJ 637 Forensic Financial Analysis (SOC 4375)

Elective (two required)
Selected from any Criminal Justice course.