Degree Requirements and Curriculum

A total of 30 credits is the minimum requirement for the degree regardless of concentration. All students must satisfactorily complete the following core courses at Saint Joseph's University:

CRJ 550 Research Methods and Analysis  or CRJ 575 Advanced Research Methods an Analysis 
CRJ 560 Criminological Theory 
CRJ 565 Ethics and Criminal Justice 
CRJ 570 Professional Writing for Law Enforcement 

Remaining coursework should be chosen to facilitate the student’s individual professional growth.

All Graduate Assistants and students who intend to do a thesis and, those who have a recent and substantial undergraduate preparation in research methods will be required to take CRJ 575 Advanced Research Methods and Analysis in lieu of CRJ 550 .

NOTE: Students are not required to do a master’s thesis. However, those students who plan to continue their studies in a Ph.D. program are urged to do a master’s thesis. Arrangements for thesis supervision will be made through the Program Director on an individual basis.