Concentration in Behavior Management & Justice

This is an excellent program for students who wish to learn more about evidenced based practices in the treatment of children and adults. This program focuses on psychological treatment and prevention of offenders. Treatment approaches to children and adults based on the principles of environmental arrangement, operant and respondent conditioning.

Core courses (four required, as specified under degree requirements)

Specialized area courses (select any four listed below)

CRJ 618 Therapeutic Strategies in Criminal Justice 

CRJ 617 Mental Health and the Law

CRJ 615 Youth Cultures and Deviance 

CRJ 616 Juvenile Justice and Deliquency 

CRJ 619 Foundations of Addictions for Criminal Justice Professionals 

CRJ 620 Evidence-Based Practices in Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Treatment 

CRJ 621 Co-Occuring Disorders HED 575 Stress and Crisis Management 

HED 563 Behavioral Health of Children and Youth 

HED 572 Concepts of Mental Health 


Two required.

Any CRJ or PSE course.


CRJ 770 Spec Topic/Independent Study

CRJ 789 Criminal Justice Internship