Graduate Arts and Sciences


Graduate Alumni

This is a partial list of the MS and MA alumni from the SJU Biology program over the past 6 years.

Patricia Volpe, M.S. 1999
Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania

Paul DelPrato, M.S. 1999
Secondary school biology teacher.

Joshua Bradner, M. S. 2000
Research associate

Jennifer Fischer, M. S. 2000
Ph.D. candidate, University of Medicine and Dentistry, NJ

Yanming Xiong, M. S. 2000
Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania

Nicholas Cottone, M. S. 2001
Special needs education

Elizabeth Kusnierczyk, M. S. 2001
Forest Technician, USFS, Couer D'Alene, ID

Robert Korbeck, M.S. 2002

Elizabeth McNeil, M.A. 2002
Research technician, University of Virginia

Venessa Piper, M.A. 2002
Pharmaceutical research.

Aarthi Gopinathan, M.S. 2003
Ph.D. program, University of Pennsylvania

Meredith Much, M.A. 2003

Michael Seminack, M.S. 2003
Research associate, University of Pennsylvania

Deepa Mothey, M.S. 2004
Ph.D. program, Temple University

Michael Dawley, M.S. 2004
Research Associate, PCOM

Carlos Carre, Jr., M.S. 2004
Laboratory Technician

Kathryn Mickle, M.S. 2005
Ph.D. program in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Science, University of Kansas

Nat Ruhl, M.S. 2005
Ph.D. program in Biology, Ohio State University

Jen Snekser, M.S. 2005
Ph.D. program in Biology, Lehigh University