Live Greater. That's the Magis.  At Saint Joseph’s University these words serve as more than a simple motto.  In fact, they capture our credo and philosophy of graduate education.

The Spirit of Saint Joseph’s is evident on our home campus on Hawk Hill as well as in our off-campus and online programs.  It is reflected in the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis, care for the whole person, which has been a hallmark of Jesuit education since St. Ignatius of Loyola founded the order in the sixteenth century.   At Saint Joseph’s you will be encouraged to seek your place in the global community, to explore themes of ethics and social justice, and to stretch your intellectual boundaries in both theory and practice.

As a prospective graduate student, you are looking for a Master's program at an institution that will push you to achieve your academic and personal ambitions supported by a community of creative and highly intelligent faculty and students.  Saint Joseph’s commitment to academic rigor assures that your Intellect will be challenged by thought-provoking professors, demanding course work, and practical learning opportunities in your chosen field of study.

You are also seeking a graduate program that will help you to attain professional advancement and satisfaction.  Graduates from Master’s programs at Saint Joseph’s have a strong track record of professional success, with graduates of the class of 2011 reporting the following career enhancing outcomes from their studies:

17% reported receiving a promotion
47% reported a salary increase
The average reported salary increase was $6,500
18% reported receiving a title change
36% were given increased responsibilities

At Saint Joseph’s, we believe that defining purpose in one’s life is an ongoing and lifelong process and our graduate programs are designed to help students along that passage.  Here you will find a flexible program designed to accommodate a busy lifestyle and your many personal commitments.  You will also find students, faculty, and staff who are themselves striving to live their lives with purpose, as they aspire and commit to make a good world better.

I invite you to explore the Graduate Arts and Sciences Graduate programs at Saint Joseph’s University – programs like Education, Organization Development and Leadership, Criminal Justice, and Health Administration - that will provide you with the skills and knowledge to help you succeed in today’s competitive workplace with Spirit, Intellect, and Purpose.

Elisabeth Woodward, M.S.
Executive Director,
Graduate Arts and Sciences