College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Gender Studies

Policy on Auxiliary Gender Studies Courses (1998)

drs green and cohen

Note: This policy is an addendum to the 1998 statement of the Criteria for cross-listing courses with the Gender Studies Program.

The gender studies committee also recognizes that while some courses may not meet the criteria for approval as a cross-listed course, they are “gender studies friendly.” Such courses may deal with the social constructions of gender as a limited component of the class, or may present a culture critical perspective that need not be based on gender, but which is not exclusive of gender analysis.

We maintain a list of such auxiliary courses and recommend them as part of the general curriculum for the students in our program.

Eligible students may petition to receive gender studies credit for an auxiliary course through the following procedure:

  1. a student is eligible to petition the committee to receive gender studies credit for an auxiliary course if she or he has
    • taken the Seminar in Feminist Theories (GEN 2901), or
    • taken at least two cross-listed gender studies courses, or
    • can demonstrate significant prior study in the field of gender studies.
  2. an eligible student must present a petition which includes the following:
    • Syllabus
    • Plan of study which either:
    • demonstrates how a gender studies perspective will be applied to the regularly assigned coursework such as research papers, group projects, etc., or
    • proposes an additional major research project or other learning tool appropriate to the course which incorporates a gender studies perspective.
    • Written approval of the instructor.
    • Evidence of prior work in gender studies (see #1 above).
  3. A copy of the petition will be distributed to all committee members prior to the scheduled meeting or vote.
  4. Committee vote determines whether or not a course will be accepted for gender studies credit.
  5. If necessary, the committee reserves the right to request more information from the student concerning how the gender studies perspective will be applied to the coursework. This may include a request for a bibliography indicative of the proposed critical perspective, or a brief statement (written or oral) on perspectives and aims.
  6. If the course is not approved, the plan may be adapted and/or restructured and resubmitted for consideration.

A student may count a maximum of two auxiliary courses towards the six courses required for a gender studies minor.

(Revised and approved by the Gender Studies Committee on 16 March 1998. This policy takes effect at the beginning of the 1998-1999 academic year.)