College of Arts and Sciences

Environmental Science and Sustainability Program

Requirements for the Environmental Science Minor

Students from such diverse disciplines as Biology and International Relations have chosen to minor in Environmental Science to reflect their particular interest in the environmental field. The ES minor allows students to bring a nuanced understanding of, and solid education in, environmental issues relevant to their own discipline.

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Science

Environmental Science:
ENV 106 Exploring the Earth
ENV 102 Environmental Theory and Ethics Seminar (PHL 154 Prerequ)
ENV 490 Environmental Science Internship
ENV 390 Environmental Seminar (2 semesters)


BIO 101 Biology I: Cells
BIO 102 Biology II: Genetic and Evolutionary Biology
BIO 201 Biology III: Organismic Biology

CHM 120 General Chemistry I
CHM 120L General Chemistry Lab I
CHM 125 General Chemistry II
CHM 125L General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHM 210 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 210L Organic Chemistry Laboratory I

Three courses from at least two of the following categories:


BIO 401 Animal Behavior
BIO 405 BioMechanics
BIO 409 Ecology
BIO 413 Plant Physiological Ecology
BIO 414 Plant Systematics
BIO 419 Invertebrate Zoology
BIO 422 Applied and Environmental Microbiology
BIO 423 Evolution


CHM 420 Environmental Chemistry
ENV 301 Environmental Chemistry
ENV 302 Environmental Geology
PHY 101 General Physics I
PHY 101L General Physics Laboratory I
PHY 102 General Physics II
PHY 102L General Physics II Laboratory
CHM 215 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 215L Organic Chemistry Laboratory II


POL 327 Environmental Politics in America
HIS 386 American Environmental History
ECN 370 Economic Development
ECN 375 Environmental Economics
MKT 150 People, Planet, Profit
PHL 316 Food and Justice
SOC 316 Fair trade: From Co-op to Cup
ENG 426 Nature Writing in America
LEO 212 Organizational Sustainability