College of Arts and Sciences

Environmental Science Program


The program offers one major, Environmental Science, and two minors, Environmental Science and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. The Environmental Science major provides a strong foundation in Biology, Chemistry and Physics while allowing students the opportunity to pursue their interest in the application of those (and many social science and humanities) fields to environmental issues. The Environmental Science minor is intended mainly for (but not limited to) students majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Physics who wish to expand their knowledge of Environmental Science. The Environmental and Sustainability Studies minor is designed for non-science majors and focuses on the application of environmental science in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Business disciplines.

We also offer the opportunity to receive a B.S. in Environmental Science and a M.S. in Biology in our 5-year program for those wishing to leave Saint Joseph's with a Masters and additional training and research experience in biology. For those wishing to apply their interest in environmental science to the world of education we offer two pathways. The first is a 4-year combined B.A. in Environmental Science/B.S. in Education and the second is a 5-year B.S. in Environmental Science combined with an M.S. in education.

For information on all of these options and to help you decide which one is right for your career goals, please contact Dr. Jonathan Fingerut at