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Late Fall

islands of seven .
thousand degrees

eighty million man prayer circle
praise the one Father

firget malicious gossip
comfort means laughter and food

soy sauce soaked chicken
dripping on white rice

razor blade feet resist
bamboo sticks' quick snap

Pagsanjan falls
crisp spray splash

honor -
Lolo's fingertips caress
baby boy's forehead

--Lizelle Arellano


Milton's Road

The sidewalk is uncrowded
yet he walks in the road
Milton's road
There's a great spirit
It's in you
It's in me
He disregards the epitaphs
On the gravestones
In Bradbury park
A sermon he recalls
"Do unto others," they banter
Sure, why not?
And watch the curtains drop
Down on an era
In a ball of flaming
Styrofoam and gasoline
Like the deer hunter
He aims and waits
For when the time is right

Andrew Erkkila

(Drawing by Nicole Hehn)

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