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Department of Economics


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(last update 10/17/16)


Economics majors must take 9-10 courses

4 core courses (to be taken by all econ majors): ECN 101 (microeconomic principles), ECN 102 (macroeconomic principles), ECN 301 (microeconomic theory) and ECN 302 (macroeconomic theory)

5-6 upper division courses (ECN courses numbered 303 or above)--actual number depends on the "track"

  • "Standard track": any 6 upper division courses (ECN courses numbered 303 or above)
  • "Standard track with econometrics": ECN 410 (econometrics) and any 4 upper division courses (ECN courses numbered 303 or above)
  • "Quantitative track": ECN 410 (econometrics), any 1 upper division course (ECN course numbered 303 or above), 3 quantitative courses*

*Quantitative courses currently include ECN 322 (International Macroeconomics), ECN 330 (Labor Economics--with permission of Dr. Crispin), ECN 350 (Monetary Economics), ECN 365 (Game Theory), ECN 415 (Economic Forecasting) and ECN 487 (Research Methods).


The requirements for the minor are ECN 101 (introductory microeconomics), ECN 102 (introductory macroeconomics) plus any four upper-division economics courses (numbered 300 or above).


Degreeworks provides a live and easily observable progress report of both your GEP and economics major requirements.

In addition, you can download our simple "GEP Economics Checklist." This document, if kept regularly updated, will also allow you to easily observe and monitor your progress for both their GEP and economics major requirements. All econ majors are encouraged to print a copy and keep it updated. (Last updated 01/20/2014)

For questions, please contact your advisor or Dr. Cristian Pardo, Chair, at 610.660.1593 (