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Communication Studies

Recommended System

The Communications Classroom/Laboratory will continue as the Communication Studies major program develops, and in the near future, there will be some expansion of common-use computers with necessary software in different locations for students to use in developing their communication studies projects.

However, for any student planning on joining the Communication Studies major, we are strongly recommending purchase of individual equipment and software that will be used throughout the courses of the major curriculum. People doing communications projects today are constantly on the go, and their equipment needs to move with them. Laptop computers provide this mobility, and the MacBook Pro 15-inch screen laptop works best with the software (Adobe Design Premium, Final Cut Express) used by creative people throughout the communications industry, and the Student Teacher edition is reasonably priced for all the integrated programs that are part of the package.

The MacBook Pro (loaded with MS Office, Final Cut Express, and AppleCare) can be purchased through the connection that Saint Joseph’s University has with Apple; arrangements to purchase the Adobe package can also be made through the vendor who works with the university. For more specific information about purchase arrangements to get the computer equipment that will best support your work in Communication Studies, you can visit the Laptop Program website, or the Hawk Portal --login with your SJU userid and password then click the "New Hawks" tab for incoming students.

Recommended System for Communication Studies Majors