College of Arts and Sciences

Communication Studies

Curriculum for Comm Studies Minors

Six courses are required to complete the minor. To gain solid grounding in the world of communications, all students will satisfy three core requirements and then select three other courses from a wide range of options.

Minor Core Course Requirements

COM 200 Communications Theory and Practice
COM 201 Ethics in Communications

Select one from: COM 371 Civic Media, COM 373 Art of Presentation, COM/MKT 303 Integrated Marketing Communications (non-business majors; MKT 301 for marketing majors), COM 472 Digital Storytelling, or COM 491 Communications Internship

Three additional courses can be chosen from numerous specified options in Communication Studies or courses provided by correlated departments: English; Fine Arts; Marketing; Music, Theatre, and Film; as well as from select offerings from History, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Theology.

Minor Course Options (select three)

COM.MTF 284 Digital Storytelling (if not taken in core)
COM/MKT 303 Integrated Marketing Communications (if not taken in core)
COM 371 Civic Media
COM 471 Visual Rhetorics
COM 472 Digital Storytelling (if not taken in core)
COM 473 Special Topics in Digital Rhetorics
COM 491 Communication Internship

ART 173 Digital Photography I
ART 273 Digital Photography II
ART 373 Digital Photography III

MTF 282 Screenwriting I (The Short)
MTF 284 Digital Filmmaking
MTF 382 Screenwriting II (The Feature)
MTF 383 Film Directing
MTF 384 Digital Cinematography
MTF 386 Editing & Digital Post-Production
MTF 393 Professional Film Production Workshop
(Communications minors are limited to three MTF courses)

ENG 206 Public Speaking & Presentation: Rhetoric in Modern Practice
ENG 261 Introduction to Reporting and Writing
ENG 263 Writing for Organizations
ENG 344 Screenwriting
ENG 362 Literary Journalism
ENG 363 Online News Production
ENG 448 Magazine Writing
ENG 451 Food Writing
ENG 462 Narrative Journalism
ENG 463 Advanced Multimedia Journalismv ENG 464 Sports Journalism
ENG 465 Special Topics in Journalism
ENG 490 Journalism Internship

COM/MKT 315 Multicultural Marketing
COM/MKT 321 Advertising
COM/MKT 323 Media Management
COM/MKT 324 Public Relations
COM/MKT 325 Applied Design