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Communication Studies

Welcome to Communication Studies

Six courses will satisfy requirements for the minor.  To gain solid grounding in the world of communications, all students will take three core courses: 
COM 2001 Communications Theory and Practice
COM 2011 Ethics in Communications
COM 2021 Communications Internship (which can also be satisfied with existing internships in the three main disciplines, ART 2961, ENG 2961, MKT 2381 or MKT 2981).

Three additional courses can be chosen from numerous specified options in English, Fine and Performing Arts, and Marketing, as well as from select offerings from History, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Theology.
English Group
ENG 1221 Rhetoric in Modern Practice
ENG 2041 Introduction to Journalism
ENG 2061 Feature Story in Journalism
ENG 2071 Writing for the World Wide Web
ENG 2081 Visual Rhetorics
ENG 2091 Writing for Organizations
ENG 2101 Seminar in Rhetorical Theory
ENG 2171 The Art of Editing
ENG 2191 Screenwriting
ENG 2241 Ethics of Writing
ENG 2271 Special Topics in Journalism
ENG 2281 Special Topics in Communication Studies
ENG 2931 Special Topics in Writing:  Writing New Media
ENG 2981 Journalism Practicum

Fine and Performing Arts Group
ART 1731 Digital Photography I
ART 2711 Digital Photography II
ART 2731 Digital Photography
ART 2781 Digital Photography III
ART 1811 Introduction to Film
ART 1821 Video Production I
ART 1831 Asian Cinemas
ART 1841 European Cinemas
ART 1851 Emerging Cinemas
ART 1861 Documentary Cinema
ART 1871 Major Figures in the Cinema
ART 1881 Film Theory and Criticism
ART 1891 History and/of Film
ART 2821 Video Production II
ART 2841 Screenwriting I
ART 2851 Documentary Workshop
ART 2861 Professional Video Production Workshop
ART 2871 Directing for the Screen
ART 2881 Screenwriting II
ART 2891 Video Production III
Marketing Group 
MKT 2061 Marketing Ethics
MKT 2081 Marketing Communications
MKT 2301 Advertising I
MKT 2311 Advertising II
MKT 2321 Media Management
MKT 2331 Public Relations and Publicity
MKT 2341 Ethical Issues in Advertising
Additional Course Options 
HIS 2781 Popular Culture in the United States

LIN 2201 Basic Linguistics
LIN 2211 Sociolinguistics
LIN 2351 Language and Culture

PHL 2881 Language and Meaning

THE 1891 World Religions and Film
THE 2481 Technology, Society, and Christian Ethics
THE 2561 Christianity and Media
THE 2641 Methods in Theology and Cinema