College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Advisory Option - Chemistry Premedical/Predental

Students who are interested in medicine can major in almost any subject, but chemistry provides an excellent foundation for the health professions.  Most of the basic courses required by medical or other health professional schools (in general: Physics - 2 semesters; Biology - 2 semesters; Calculus - 1 semester and Chemistry - 4 semesters) are all, except for Biology, part of the Chemistry major. A chemistry major planning to attend medical school to or dental school should take BIO 101-102, one of which may count as a required in-depth chemistry course. All Chemistry majors also take biochemistry with lab as part of their upper level course requirement. Biochemistry with lab is strongly recommended if not required for medical school and dental schools.

Interested students should contact the Health Professions Advisor, Mrs. Connie O'Hara,

More information can be found at: Health Professions Advising