College of Arts and Sciences

Chemical Biology

Curriculum -GER

For students who entered SJU before the fall of 2010, or transfer students who entered SJU in the fall of 2010 with 15 or more credits:

GER Common Courses (See Curricula): six courses

GER University Distribution (See Curricula): fourteen courses, including
MAT 155-156 Fundamentals of Calculus and Applied Calculus II
MAT 155-128 Fundamentals of Calculus and Applied Statistics
MAT 161-162 - Calculus I-II

Natural Science:
PHY 101-102 General Physics I-II
PHY 101L-102L General Physics Laboratory I-II
PHY 105-106 University Physics I-II
PHY 105L-106L University Physics Laboratory I-II

GER Electives: any five courses

BIO 101 Biology I: Cells
BIO 102 Biology II: Genetics and Evolutionary Biology
BIO 201 Biology III: Organismic Biology
Any three of the following Biology courses:
BIO 402 Advanced Cell Biology
BIO 410 Light and Electron Microscopy
BIO 411 Molecular Genetics
BIO 412 Neurobiology
BIO 415 Immunology
BIO 416 Microbiology

CHM 120-125 General Chemistry I-II
CHM 121-126 General Chemistry Honors I-II
CHM 120L-125L General Chemistry Laboratory I-II
CHM 330 Instrumental Analysis
CHM 330L Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
CHM 210-215 Organic Chemistry I-II
CHM 210L-215L Organic Chemistry Laboratory I-II
CHM 320 Physical Chemistry for Chemical Biology I

Any one of the following Chemistry courses:
CHM 400 Biogeochemistry
CHM 420 Environmental Chemistry
CHM 430 Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry
CHM 440 Organometallic Chemistry
CHM 480 Role of Metal Ions in Biology
CHM 490 Spectroscopy

One course from the following:
BIO 404 Biochemistry
CHM 340 Biochemistry
CHM 340L Biochemistry Laboratory
One course from the following:
BIO 493 or 494 Undergraduate Research
CHM 493 Senior Research I
CHM 494 Senior Research II

A Chemical Biology major must register for BIO 390 Biology Seminar or CHM 390 Chemistry Seminar each semester as a junior and a senior.