Lower Merion Conservancy Bird Count Data Entry Page 


Bird counts can be submitted in any of the following ways: 
    1) By mail using the paper PSO reporting form. 
            Forms should be mailed to: 
                Dr. Michael McCann 
                Department of Biology 
                St. Joseph's University 
                5600 City Ave 
                Philadelphia, PA 19131 
                Phone: 610-660-1823 
    2) Using an Excel spreadsheet template. 
                The template can be downloaded here
                Send it as an e-mail attachement to "mmccann@sju.edu" 
    3) Using the electronic submission form available here

You can e-mail any questions you have about submitting bird count data to Mike McCann here.

If you have questions about becoming a bird watcher for the Lower Merion Conservancy, contact Mike Weilbacher here.

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