College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Biology

Five Year BS/MS Education and Secondary Certification

The five year BS/MS Biology-Education program is designed for students who wish to become certified middle or secondary school science teachers.  This program incorporates the four year BS degree in Biology with additional work during the summer and in a fifth year to complete a MS in Secondary Education and to become certified.  Below is listed the typical curriculum for a Biology major (GEP) who plans to also seek the MS in Secondary Education with Certification  There are many options however, and students should seek advice as early as possible.  

Students who are interested in this program should consult with Dr. Karen Snetselaar in Biology.  Those wishing to complete the BS in Biology/MS in Secondary Education must complete all the requirements for the BS in Biology; see that sheet for details.  Those students exercising the 38 course option may choose to take two EDU or SPE courses at the graduate level during their senior year.  However, no course can “count” for both the BS and the MS.  Students must have at least 30 credits at the graduate level in order to receive the MS degree.  They must take at least 12 credits of graduate Biology courses, including 6 credits of research.  

B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Education and secondary certification

Course Requirement

Freshmen BIO 101/101L (4cr) BIO 102, 102L (4cr)
  CHM 120, 120L (ILC)(5cr) CHM 125, 125L (5cr)
  MAT 155 (3cr) or MAT 161(4cr) or equivalent  PHL 154 (Moral Foundations) (3cr)
  Foreign Language I (3-4cr) Foreign Language I (3-4cr)
  First-Year seminar (3cr) ENG 101 (3cr)
Sophomore BIO 201, 201L (4cr) BIO 4XX (4cr)
  CHM 210, 210L (ILC) (4cr) CHM 215, 215L (4cr)
  ENG 102 (3cr)  THE 154 (Faith, Justice & Cath. Trad) (3cr)
  MAT 128 (Statistics) (3cr) Social Sciences Requirement
  Elective EDU 160/160F Schools in Society
Junior BIO 4XX(4cr)  BIO 4XX (4cr)
  PHY 101, 101L (ILC) (5cr) PHY 102, 102L (Nat science) (5cr)
  PHL (Anthropology)  THE (Religious Difference) (3cr)
  HIS 154 (Forging) (3cr) Elective
  EDU 157/157F (Writing Intensive)  Elective
Senior BIO 4XX (4cr) BIO 4XX (4cr)
  BIO 4XX (4cr) BIO 4XX (4cr)
  Faith and Reason Course Art/Lit Course
  SPE 160-160F: Introduction to Special Education Elective

EDU 647/647F Literacy Cont. Area (3 cr)

EDU 646/646F Literacy, Lang. Cult. (3 cr)
5th Yr (Summer) BIO 7XX Biology Graduate Research (6 credits)  
5th Yr SPE 602/602F Assess. Prog. (3 cr) EDU 691:Student Teaching (6 credits)

EDU 618/618F Instr. Techniques (3 cr)

SPE 612 Inclusive environments (3 credits) 

BIO 6XX/L (4 cr)

  BIO 7XX (3 cr)