College of Arts & Sciences

Art Department

Art Education Major

The Art Education major must take six foundations courses in the Teacher Education Department. Three of those require completion of one-credit certification labs.  EDU 151/151F:  Development, Cognition, & Learning must be taken as a Social Science requirement for the Art Ed degree; EDU 150/150F OR 160/160F:  Schools in Society should also be taken as a Social Science GEP in Social Science OR as a First Year Seminar. There is also a requirement of 12 credit hours of student teaching:

  • EDU 150/150F (Freshman only) or 160/160F - Schools in Society
  • EDU 151/151F - Development, Cognition & Learning
  • SPE 160/160F - Introduction to Special Education
  • SPE 203/203F - Teaching in Inclusive Environments
  • SPE 313/313F - Assessment: Identification & Progress Monitoring
  • EDU 246 - Literacy, Language & Culture
  • EDU 247 - Literacy in the Content Area
  • EDU 422/422F - Instructional Techniques/Practical Issues & the History Art Education
  • EDU 497 - Student Teaching

The Art Ed major must also take ten courses within the Department of Fine and Performing Arts:

  • ART 121 - Intro to Studio Art (or equivalent)
  • ART 101 - Art History I (or equivalent)
  • ART 172 - Intro to Photography (or equivalent)
  • ART 144 - Intro to Ceramics (or equivalent)
  • ART 102 - Art History II (or equivalent)
  • ART xxx - Art (studio elective)
  • ART xxx - Art (studio elective)
  • ART 221 - Art Education in Schools (requirement)
  • ART 495* - Senior Project I
  • ART 496* - Senior Project II
  • PHL 310 - Philosophy of Art (must be taken as one of the GEP’s three ILC requirements)

 *Following the recommendation of an academic advisor, the Art Education Major may opt to take additional studio courses in order to establish a broader base of art education in lieu of the 2-semester “Senior Project” course.