College of Arts & Sciences

Africana Studies Program

Courses Offered Spring 2011

ART 294-D01 Non-Western Cinema: Sub-Saharan Africa

ENG 317-D01 Literature of South Africa

HIS 210-D01 Introduction: Sub-Saharan Africa
HIS 379-D01 African American History Since the Civil War

LIT 461-HN1 Franco-Afro Caribbean Story

PHL 150-FY1 Race and Racism [First-Year Seminar]

REL 241-D01 Islam
REL 241-D02 Islam
REL 241-D03 Islam
REL 241-D04 Islam
REL 271-D01 African and Caribbean Religions
REL 271-D02 African and Caribbean Religions
REL 341-D01 The Quran and Its Interpreters

SOC 363-D01 Philadelphia: In Black and White

THE 356-D01 Liberation and Political Theologies