College of Arts & Sciences

Africana Studies Program

News and Events-Spinng 2011

Spring 2011

1) Frank X. Gerrity Lecture Presented by Dr. Thomas J. Sugrue, "The End of Race? Barack Obama, Race, and Politics in Modern America"
: Thurs., 2/24/11
Time: 11:30 am -1 pm
Location: Wolfington Teletorium in Mandeville Hall

2) Black Student Union [BSU] Talent Show
Date: Fri., 2/25/11
Time: 7 pm
Location: The Perch

3) Title: Black Gospel Music: Its Origins, Evolutions, and Contemporary Influences
Presenter (s): Melissa A. Logue, Sociology and Africana Studies

Music Selections Performed by Saint Joseph's University's Gospel Choir Voices of Praise

Description: Religion and spirituality have long served as a source of solace, strength, guidance, culture, and community among Blacks/African-Americans throughout their history in the United States. Songs of worship represent one of the most concrete expressions of the impact of faith, solidarity, and community that created a distinct culture out of the diverse African ethnic groups originally brought to the Americas in chains and exploited and abused for their labor. These songs originated in the form of Slave Songs and Negro Spirituals that slaves used to ease the burdens they faced, but also represent reflections of their agency when they sought to use them as coded messages to plan and effect escapes from bondage. After slavery, oppression did not wane and neither did the power of faith in solidifying the former slave population into a free Black community whose influence now reaches far beyond the boundaries of the United States to other parts of the Diaspora and other racial/ethnic groups. Melissa Logue will offer a discussion of the origins of Black Gospel Music, how it has evolved, and its contemporary impact on music, Black American culture, and elsewhere. She will provide some examples of Negro Spirituals and early Black Gospel music that she will play during her talk and Voices of Praise will perform two or three selections.

Date: Fri., 3/18/11
Time: 6 pm
Location: Chapel

4) David H. Burton Lecture Presented by Dr. Jane Hooper, "Kings, Sultans, and Pirates: Southeast Africa in the Era of the Slave Trade"
Date: Tues., 4/12/11
Time: 3-5 pm
Location: Banquet Hall North in Campion Hall