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Africana Studies Program



Criteria for Africana Studies Courses

Africana Studies courses are designed to provide students with an intellectual basis for understanding the multifaceted dimensions of Black experience throughout Africa and/or the African Diaspora and as such the preponderance of material (50% or more) in these courses, as evidenced by the syllabus, will focus in this area. All courses within this interdisciplinary program actively reaffirm the field of Africana Studies as an academic discipline; provide access to Afrocentric historical and cultural knowledge; examine patterns of racism and prejudice; and seek to reconcile systems of privilege.

The Minor

To fulfill the minor, students must complete six courses.  In light of the program’s interdisciplinary nature, no more than three courses may be taken in any discipline, and at least three disciplines must be represented.  As course offerings are updated, students should consult with the director in order to obtain approval for courses not listed below, unless the course is expressly listed under a particular semester’s approved Africana Studies courses.  Course offerings per semester may be viewed on the registrar’s website under the “Special Interests” link on the class schedule page and can be found on the Africana Studies website under  the Courses by Semester link .
ART 294   Non-Western World Cinemas

Approved Africana Studies Courses as of Fall 2014*

ENG 150: Protest & Civil Action: The Civil Rights Movement

ENG 150: Black Popular Culture

ENG 205: Contemporary African American Literature and the Post- Soul Imagination

ENG 317 Literature of South Africa

ENG 320: The Harlem Renaissance

ENG 328: African American Literature

ENG 329: Black Women Writers

ENG 415: Postcolonial Studies

ENG 429: Reading and Writing Civil Rights Movement

ENG 482: Passing Narratives in Black Literature

ENG 620: Caribbean Literature in English

FRE 461: The Franco-Afro-Caribbean Story

HIS 210: Historical Introduction to Africa

HIS 211: Historical Introduction to Pre-Modern Africa

HIS 343: African Ethnicities

HIS 344: Environmental Historical- African

HIS 379: African American History Since the Civil War

HIS 384: Civil Rights Movement in America

HIS 477: African and African Diaspora Identities

LTT 461: The Franco-Afro Caribbean Story (Honors)

MTF 294: Non-Western World Cinemas: Sub-Saharan Africa

PHL 150: Race and Racism

PHL 302: Philosophy of Race

PHL 304: African Philosophies

POL 337: Contemporary Cuban Politics and Society (Study Tour)

POL 320: Honors: Civil Rights

POL 324: Race and Ethnic Politics in the US

POL 335: South Africa and the Politics of Transition

RS 271: African and Caribbean Religions

RS 370: Religion and Race in the Philadelphia Region

RS 328: Religion and Race in the Philadelphia Region

SOC 205: Ethnic and Minority Relations

SOC 210: Sociology of African-American Catholicism

SOC 253: Race and Social Justice

SOC 355: Race, Crime and Criminal Justice

SOC 334: The African-American Experience

SOC 335: Classes and Power in the US

SOC 355: Race, Crime and Criminal Justice

SOC 363: Philadelphia: In Black and White

SOC 365: Crime and Urban Communities

SOC 378: Urban and Public Policy

*Approved courses complement the stated learning goals and objectives of the Africana Studies program at Saint Joseph’s University and have been subject to review based on available syllabi. To be considered for inclusion as an Africana Studies course, please submit your syllabus to the director of the program with a rationale for inclusion. Questions about a course’s status as an Africana Studies course should be submitted to the director, Dr. Aisha Damali Lockridge (