President’s Cabinet Members

Members as of July 1,  2014
Dr. Cary M. Anderson
Vice President
Student Life/Associate Provost
Ms. Joan F. Chrestay
Vice President for Government &
External Affairs
Dr. Joseph A. DiAngelo, Jr. ’70
Haub School of Business
Mr. Dominick J. DiJulia ’67
Vice President for Athletics
Director of Athletics
Mr. Fran DiSanti ’79
Chief Information Officer
Ms. Sharon O’Grady Eisenmann
Vice President
Human Resources
Mr. Martin F. Farrell ’88, M.S. ’98
Vice President
Development & Alumni Relations
Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J. ’72
Mr. Joseph M. Lunardi '82
Associate Vice President
Marketing and Communications
Dr. Louis J. Mayer ’79
Vice President
Financial Affairs
Mr. Robert J. McBride
Interim Associate Provost
Enrollment Management
Ms. Sarah F. Quinn ’89, M.B.A. ’09
Assistant Vice President
Office of the President
Dr. Rosalind Reichard
Interim Provost
Mr. Kevin W. Robinson M.B.A. ’93
Vice President
Administrative Services
Ms. Marianne Schimelfenig, Esq.
General Counsel
Mr. John W. Smithson ’68, MBA’82
Senior Vice President
Dr. E. Springs Steele
Associate Provost for Mission
Mission & Identity
Dr. Amanda M. Thomas
College of Arts & Sciences


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