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It's hard to pinpoint when it happens for some people. When they abandon their dreams and it suddenly becomes okay to simply settle for what's good enough. When their effort starts to fall behind their potential.

This must not happen in college. And it does not happen at Saint Joseph's University.

Whatever your age or academic path, college is a defining period of your life. And while the experience means many things to many people, this much is common: College is the time when you make things happen. It is the place where you open yourself to what's possible and raise the bar to another level. And when the time comes to prove yourself, you'll have the courage, the support and the knowledge to exceed even your highest expectations.

I was a Saint Joseph's freshman in 1968. In 2012 I became the University's 27th president. The same community that pushed me to new heights is waiting for you now.

Learn to rise up and meet the challenge. This is what college is supposed to be.

This is Saint Joseph's University. Live greater.

C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J., Ph.D. '72


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