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Clare Conry-Murray, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Thomas R. Conway, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

Steve Cope, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor

Joseph Corabi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Sabbatical, Fall 2014)

Christopher Coyne, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Thomas Coyne, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor

Laura Crispin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Benjamin F. Cummings, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Philip A. Cunningham, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations

Robert R. Daniel Jr., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Chair of Modern and Classical Languages

Morris Danielson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Tenaya Darlington, M.F.A.

Associate Professor

Robert Dean, MBA, MS

Visiting Instructor

Anthony DelConte, M.D.

Visiting Professor

Robert DeLiberato, FCAS, MAAA

Actuarial Executive in Residence

Joseph A. DiAngelo, Ed.D.

Dean and Professor

Renee Dobson, M.F.A.

Associate Professor

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