James Carter, Ph.D.

Disciplines Taught: Asian Studies, History, International Relations
Office: Barbelin 112R
Phone: 610-660-1988
Email: jcarter@sju.edu


B.A., University of Richmond

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University

Courses Taught

HIS 100 Forging the Modern World

HIS 206 Historical Introduction to East Asian Civilizations

HIS 350 Exchange and Conquest in Modern East Asia

HIS 351 Gender, Ideology and Revolution in East Asia

HISTORY 352 Late Imperial China: Prosperity and Promise

HISTORY 353 Modern China: Struggle and Survival

HISTORY 354 Japan Since 1800: Seeking a Place in the World

HIS 355 Colonialism and Nationalism in Southeast Asia, 1600-1960

Nineteenth and Twentieth-century China

Nationalism and Religion in East Asia

Chinese Urban History


Faculty Expert Profile

  • Expertise: Contemporary China’s Nationalism and Its Roots, Life Post-Tiananmen Square, Religion in China

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