Amber Abbas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Disciplines Taught: Asian Studies, History
Office: Barbelin 112O
Phone: 610-660-1744


B.A., Duke University
M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin

Courses Taught

HIS 154 Forging the Modern World
HIS 356 Modern South Asia
HIS 100 Forging the Modern World
HIS 210  Historical  Introduction to South Asia
HIS 359 India and Pakistan: From Colony to Nation


Dr.  Abbas’ research focuses on the period of transition associated with the 1947 Independence and Partition of India, and its particular impact on South Asian Muslims. In addition to dozens of oral interviews with men and women in South Asia, Dr. Abbas has consulted archives in England, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Dr. Abbas’ most recent publications are: “For the Sound of Her Voice,” The Appendix: Out Loud, Vol. 1No. 3. July 2013. “The Solidarity Agenda: Aligarh Students and the Demand for Pakistan,” South Asian History and Culture: Special Issue. 

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